Panelists Archive


Name Genre Year Details*
Diane Rodriguez Theatre 2010 Associate Producer, Center Theatre Group
Los Angeles, LA
Wendy Rogers Dance 2005 choreographer, WENDY ROGERS dancing; professor, UC Riverside
Riverside, CA
Osvaldo Romberg Visual Arts 2004 artist
Philadelphia, PA, and New York, NY
Tere Romo Visual Arts 2000 curator, The Mexican Museum
San Francisco, CA
Rachel Rosenthal Theatre 1996 interdisciplinary solo performer
Los Angeles
Janice Ross Dance 2010 dance critic; professor, Stanford University
Atherton, CA
David Rousseve Dance 2013 Artistic Director, David Rousseve Reality; Professor, UCLA
Los Angeles, LA
Sara Rudner Dance 2011 dancer and choreographer, Director of Dance at Sarah Lawrence College
New York, NY
Sara Rudner Dance 1996 dancer and choreographer
New York
Michael Rush Film/Video 2002 writer and critic; director and chief curator, Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art
Palm Beach, FL
Michael Rush Film/Video 2010 curator and writer; former director, Rose Art Museum, Brandeis
New York, NY
Mark Russell Theatre 2007 independent curator
New York, NY
David Savran Theatre 1999 author, theorist, and professor, Depts. of English and Theatre Arts, Brown University
Providence, RI
Apollinaire Scherr Dance 2008 dance writer and critic
New York, NY
Steven Schick Music 2003 percussionist, professor of music, University of California, San Diego; artistic director, Centre International de Percussion de Genève
San Diego, CA
Carolee Schneemann Visual Arts 2002 artist
New Paltz, NY
Tom Sellar Theatre 2017 editor, Theater magazine, and professor, Yale School of Drama
New Haven, CT and Brooklyn, NY
Tom Sellar Theatre 2011 editor, Theater magazine, and professor, Yale School of Drama, critic, Village Voice
New York, NY
Andres Serrano Visual Arts 1996 artist
Brooklyn, NY
Yoko Shioya Dance 2018 artistic director, Japan Society
New York