Interview with Herb And Lani Alpert: Truth-Telling, The Arts And Heart

(from the Interview by Nicholas F. Mondello for All About Jazz)

It's been nearly four years since we last spoke to Herb Alpert. Now in his early 80s and about to go on tour performing with his wife, Lani Hall, Alpert continues to be a dynamic—and vital—force in both the music and art world. His philanthropic efforts on behalf the arts and music education are unparalleled and distinguish him as a true humanitarian.

All About Jazz: Herb, on behalf of All About Jazz, thanks for taking time.

Herb Alpert: Thank you. Always great speaking with you, Nick.

AAJ: First off, how are you and Lani doing musically?

HA: We're good. We're about to go out on tour. We're now doing about 50 performances a year.

AAJ: As a trumpet player, I have to ask you: How are your chops?

HA: Better than ever.

AAJ: Great. OK, let's talk about the May 13 event in New York when the 25th Anniversary of the Herb Alpert Award in the Arts will take place at the Caldwell Factory. In that quarter century, there have been 125 HAIA award recipients.

HA: Yes, that's correct. There are awards given each year in five disciplines—music, dance, theater, film/video and visual arts.

AAJ: How did this effort all start?

HA: On an idea, you know. I just had an idea that it would be nice to do something because the National Endowment for the Arts sort of closed their doors. They stopped honoring the artists.

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