Butch Morris 1947- 2013


To find my expression as contribution to, and continuum in, music, I initially turned to notation and improvisation. How could I overcome the differences between them? I began by locating their common ground. Then, with the values I held–spontaneity, momentum, combustion, ignition and propulsion (the essence of swing)–I returned to fundamentals to identify how all traditions could coexist; that is, for improvisers to improvise and for interpreters to interpret the “same material.” I see Conduction® as a bridge between, and a supplement to, notation, interpretation, improvisation, and musicianship, giving greater latitude to each. My goals are, as always, to answer the questions that Conduction® raises as an expressive medium in culture, community, art and education, and to find the Primus of the Spirit in a new social logic.”