Theatre director Daniel Fish works across the borders of theatre, new music, film, opera, and installation, upending the distinction between popular and difficult, adventurous work. In his re-imagined production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma,” he explored issues of violence and justice while drawing on the pleasures of the score. Rethinking classic works – Chekhov, Shakespeare, Sam Shepard, Moliere - as well as engaging with a diverse range of  source material (the writing of David Foster Wallace, the films of Nicholas Ray…) he continually questions what theatre might be. What are the effects of scenic disruptions? Of duration? How does reconfiguring space alter the relationship (perceptual, emotional) between spectators and performers?

“I’m asking people to be simultaneously alone and together; to be aware, to observe slowly and acutely. It’s as if I’m saying: ‘we are all here in this room on this night: how alert can we be?’”

photo: Tei Blow