Marina Rosenfeld2024

Artist and composer Marina Rosenfeld works across the boundaries of music, performance and visual art. Her works interrogate the shape and sociality of perception and its sensual transformation into hearing, sight and touch. Whether projecting sound into vast architectural volumes or staging intimate encounters mediated by technologies of inscription and recording, her works embrace the traces of things, after-sound and distortion, the body as an amalgam of social, libidinal, and inherited possibility. In her lengthy history as a performer/conjurer of sounds, especially using turntables and handcrafted dub plates, she has collaborated with choreographers and other musicians in a wide variety of contexts, mounted temporary orchestras, and created sculpture, drawings and installations that entangle speculatively with the material conditions of music.

""I listen to sites by listening to my voice in them, observing my own and others’ bodies at rest and in action, imagining modes of entanglement that are prosocial, tuned to outlying frequencies and sensitive to difference.""


photo: Res