Marie Watt2024

A member of the Seneca Nation, artist Marie Watt’s work draws on images and ideas from Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) protofeminism and Indigenous teachings. Incorporating printmaking, painting, textiles, and sculpture, her projects range from solo works to those of a highly collaborative and performative nature. In all, she explores the intersection of history, community, and storytelling. Interconnectedness lies at the heart of her practice, which might be realized in setting a table for people from different backgrounds to come together in, for example, a sewing circle, community-built sculptures, or a crowd-sourced participation social media project. Throughout all her work the question she returns to is: What would the world look like if we thought of ourselves as companion species?

""I am an artist, but I also consider myself a custodian of stories. I believe I have the responsibility to amplify the stories of others, set right historical blind spots, and speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves: humans, animals, the natural world.""


photo: Sam Gehrke​