Mariana Valencia2024

Choreographer and dancer Mariana Valencia’s lyrical, witty, and transgressive performances are created from rigorously ordered sequences where movement, song, and spoken text are improvised upon in front of audiences. She foregrounds personal experience against the broader cultural context and is invested in the idea that improvisation carries emancipatory potential. She believes that when we lose all other power (safety, predictability, peace) we are left with our bodies and must make use of them, ideally in liberatory ways. Inserting cultural, traditions into contemporary dance spaces, her movement lexicon draws on numerous sources, from social forms and the vernacular – say, cumbia and pedestrian movement, to her ethnographic research and modern and post-modern vocabularies - all informed by the politics of a queer, Latina sensibility.

""My performances are set as if we’re feasting together. I place the food on the table, we eat with our hands, perhaps we taste something new. We feed ourselves and each other from the bounty, we make eye contact and we pass along the flavors of the fare that lies within our reach.""


photo by Charlotte Curtis