Jonathan González2024

Jonathan González is a choreographer and scholar working across durational and evening length work at the intersections of performance and dance, sound, video art and dance for camera, as well as writing criticism, poetry and prose. Engaging with how the historical passage of geographies and communities are entangled is at the heart of Gonzalez’s practice. He considers the act of making and sharing performance, of gathering together, as an opportunity for casts and audiences to experience moments of beauty, and experiments in collective action.

González’s pedagogical interventions take form through curated platforms for teaching, lectures, and publications. He is currently working on a project at the American Academy of Arts and Letters (Spectral Dances, 2024), and his first book, Ways to Move: Black Insurgent Grammars, to be published in 2025.

""Thinking about the politics of method when composing models for me how deeply interconnected the sociopolitical, the aesthetic, the historic, the speculative and the quantum truly are. I want to choreograph in flow with this radical departure from any one tradition or genre, and in extension of those formative legacies that have shaped the world sometimes called Black performance.""


photo: Rudy Gerson