Park McArthur2023

Artist Park McArthur experiments with personal and social meanings of debility, delay, and dependency under the guidance and instruction of disability. Working across definitions of sculpture including media and sound, McArthur thinks with others about our material conditions: believing that surviving inherited definitions of autonomy and dependency is something in which all are engaged.

McArthur’s incisive and insightful practice addresses urgent yet overlooked issues particularly in relation to institutional sites and structures. Incorporating her personal experiences, at times through her own objects and medical devices, McArthur’s diverse and conceptually rich bodies of work interrogate imposed-upon notions of care and access, reframing them, and prompting us to consider expansive and generative understandings of these critical concepts.


“I am consistently trying to pay attention to lived experiences and aesthetic forms that challenge the formulation of a single, individual, independent person.”


Photo: Jason Hirata