Harrell Fletcher2005

Working from a wide variety of literary and social sources, Harrell Fletcher sees art, not only as discreet objects or images, but as a point of view one brings to all aspects of life. Collaboration is a core element of his practice; he's worked with kids, museum visitors, farmers, seniors and old friends. In exhibitions, video, events and web-based projects, he creates interactions, transforming both people and spaces such as a bus stop, a retirement home, and a garage where mechanics and customers read "Ulysses" aloud. His web site Learningtoloveyoumore.com offers "assignments"—from "Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry" to "Defeat George Bush"—and posts participants' responses. Fletcher will be giving away $20,000 of his Alpert Award in the form of "sub-grants" to other artists and projects around the country.
"I’ve always liked sharing the experience of making art with other people, especially people who don’t consider themselves artists, or have access to skills, and contexts like museums and galleries. Moving to Portland three years ago, I debated relocating to New
York or Los Angeles, but decided to settle outside of art world centers. In Portland I feel I can have a substantial effect not just on the local art scene, but eventually on the whole social and cultural environment. I’m trying to encourage more artists to choose lessexpected locations to live in and to create work that engages those places as well as the larger art world."