Panelists Archive


Name Genre Yearsort descending Details*
B. Ruby Rich Film/Video 2004 film critic and curator; adjunct professor of film studies, University of California, Berkeley
San Francisco, CA
Molly Barth Music 2004 flutist, Eighth Blackbird
Chicago, IL
Margaret Leng Tan Music 2004 pianist/toy pianist
Brooklyn, NY
Stephen Vitiello Music 2004 sound artist, achivist, The Kitchen
New York, NY
Abigail Adams Theatre 2004 artistic director, People’s Light & Theater Co.
Malvem, Pennsylvania
Migdalia Cruz Theatre 2004 Nuyorican playwright
North Falmouth, MA
Ruth Maleczech Theatre 2004 performer and director, Mabou Mines
New York, NY
Susanne Ghez Visual Arts 2004 director, The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
Osvaldo Romberg Visual Arts 2004 artist
Philadelphia, PA, and New York, NY
JoAnn Verburg Visual Arts 2004 artist
St. Paul, MN
Linda Connor Visual Arts 2005 artist, photographer, teacher, San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, CA
Garth Fagan Dance 2005 choreographer, founder/ artistic director, Garth Fagan Dance
Rochester, NY
Wendy Rogers Dance 2005 choreographer, WENDY ROGERS dancing; professor, UC Riverside
Riverside, CA
Debra Singer Dance 2005 executive director/chief curator, The Kitchen
New York, NY
Peggy Ahwesh Film/Video 2005 media artist, associate professor, Film and Electronic Arts, Bard College
Brooklyn, NY
Jeanne C. Finley Film/Video 2005 artist/filmmaker, professor, Media Arts, California College of the Arts
San Francisco, CA
Art Jones Film/Video 2005 media artist, assistant professor, SUNY Purchase
New York, NY
Kyle Gann Music 2005 composer, critic, Village Voice, professor, Bard College
Germantown, NY
Gustavo Matamoros Music 2005 composer, sound artist, artistic director, Subtropics Experimental Music and Sound Art Festival
Miami, FL
Zeena Parkins Music 2005 composer, harpist, improvisor
New York, NY