Amy Franceschini2017

Artist Amy Franceschini describes her work as “situation-specific engagements that challenge ones assumptions about the world both real and imagined.” She is the founder of Futurefarmers, a collective of international artists, scientists, farmers, designers, architects and engineers working in cross-disciplinary dialogue. Employing radio, performance, workshops, events, and sculpture, she uses art as a way to invite people to reconsider their relationship to nature and to empower them to have agency in their lives. Her projects include conceiving an urban agriculture program for San Francisco based on WW II Victory Gardens, taking part in a year-long voyage carrying seeds of ancient grains on a sailboat traveling from Oslo to Istanbul, working with Italian farmers in the service of rural regeneration, and creating new social spaces in the redevelopment of Oslo’s former port.

She says, “By not having the exact language or title to describe what I do, a space opens up for encounter, questioning, discussion.”