“I think of theater as a seditious act.” - Taylor Mac
Possessing an exhilarating singular vision while being a consummate collaborator, theatre artist Taylor Mac writes plays, musicals, manifestos, and songs. With roots in performance art, and community engagement (as well as Noh, Beckett, Commedia, and the Greeks…), he uses the power of humor and play to investigate war, xenophobia, consumption, polarization, imperfection, inviting everyone to join the party. Compellingly utopian, his intent is to have audiences leave the performance space challenged, transformed, and continuing the conversation. (Imagine Fool as conscious insurgent. Imagine fierce sequins.) In summer 2016, Taylor Mac – along with 100 other performers, including 24 burlesque performers, 24 drag queens, and a 24 piece orchestra – will present his epic “A 24-Hour Concert of the History of Popular Music,” his subjective queering of American history over 24 decades, from 1776-2016.