Mark Feldman2007

Mark Feldman, a violinist, improviser and composer.

"I continue to draw on the European historical tradition of the violin as an acoustically grand sounding, expressive instrument, I am deeply influenced by jazz, and work in the tradition of the composer-performer-improviser.

I have been so fortunate to work with such a diverse group of great musicians, including John Zorn, John Abercrombie, Muhal Richard Davis, Paul Bley, Billy Hart, Loretta Lynn, Ray Price, Anthony Davis, Joe Lovano, Lee Konitz, The Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Dave Douglas, Manfred Eicher.

It's broadened me and created a flexibility in both my playing and my thinking that I may not have had if I'd only made my own music.

There's a complete naturalness when you're playing music you've written. It's like an actor speaking his own words as opposed to reading someone else's script.

Technique is deeply connected with what you're able to conceive. As a musician, I think about technique every morning when I practice, always beginning with open strings and scales."