Jacqueline Goss2007

Jacqueline Goss explores the collision and tensions between science, mapping systems and other manmade efforts to order the world—and the unruly and unpredictable nature of life itself.

I look for the human presence embedded in the science, software, and maps we use because these stories aren't written on the surfaces. How do these systems shape the way we think about ourselves on the deepest level?

I use animation, not to create fantastic worlds or data-based illustrations, but to craft subjective responses to what people actually do, write, and say.

The unsettled territory of the animated documentary—where historical document meets the unabashedly subjective eye—appeals to me.

Here I work to develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between image and text on the common ground of abstraction, and the powerful ability of sound to give animation qualities of physical embodiment and purpose.

"Surprise is the most concentrated emotional experience there is. The most mysterious and compelling part of being an artist is trying to get beginnings, middles, and ends feel like they're happening at the right time so viewers sense they're going somewhere. I'm glad there's no good map."