Cynthia Hopkins2007

A storyteller: multi-layered tales require a multi-faceted structure, Cynthia Hopkins mines her own history, writes songs, creates characters, and develops evening length music-theatrical works.

Grounded in larger cultural and political debates, the work collides autobiography and fantasy; viscerally provocative material and formal experimentation; edification and entertainment; documentary-like truth and extravagant fiction.

Shifting (and occasionally stolen) identities
nervous breakdowns
narrow escapes
remnants of history
the neurology of remembrance
musical melodrama
screwball comedy
the after effects of abuse
the malleability of consciousness

Hopkins explores these themes through a hybrid form incorporating: video, set, lighting, text, movement, and live music performances (by her band Gloria Deluxe.)

"My creative process is a survival technique that alchemizes personal and socio-political demons into performances of intrigue and hope, for the audience and for myself.

I am always interested in the BREAKING OF HABITS, and this is especially true at the moment, as I'm at the very beginning of making the third and final piece of a trilogy. The work has a unique form, as distinct energetically from its companion pieces as it is thematically linked, It takes place in the distant future: people have rendered themselves extinct. A post-human creature inhabited by a spirit as old as the universe explores the question: 'what are the long-term effects of the human race on the universe?'"