Daniel Alexander Jones2006

An interdisciplinary artist—playwright, performer and director—rooted in the Black Avant-Garde theatre movement, Daniel Alexander Jones creates gestural language, ritual movement and original music in the service of a multi-dimensioned theatre where the body, mind, emotions, voice, and spirit conjoin, shimmer, and heal. Enlivened by collaborative process, Jones works with visual artists, poets, jazz musicians and DJs. He has invited other theatre artists, including Robbie McCauley and Erik Ehn, to contribute to his evolving performed 'autobiography'—The Book of Daniel—based on an image, a sliver of text and a song. In his plays and other solo performance works, he has imagined comic book heroes (a boy becomes the moon to save himself), Josephine Baker, Ancient Egyptian mythology, an oneiric doll factory and Marian Anderson astrally projected into the sky. One writer notes, "Jones' pen is full of fire and declaration." Moved by silenced histories, informed by acts of survival and transcendence, Jones creates his own language and, doing so, finds his own way home.

"I make theatre to create a ritualized context for the experience of radical empathy. I make theatre to "bring the jazz." I mirror the bleed that occurs when I crack open a binary way of seeing a person, a charged event, or an accepted cultural or historical truth to reveal the slippery marrow. I abhor the movement to simplify, quantify and reduce the complex beauty of life— I cherish laughter, the silences in conversation, the unspoken longings between bodies, and the literal experience of breath in live art. I have profound respect for my art form, yet its increasing homogeneity and sometimes elitist stance trouble me greatly. I'm led to be an agent of transformation. I intend to keep questions spinning at this time when the answers are dropping to the ground in pools of wax and feathers. Look for me in the spaces between…"