Donna Uchizono2005

Unafraid to provoke provocative questions, Donna Uchizono creates vivid dances characterized by striking visual imagery, layered fragility, emotional sublimity and bold, original gestures. Frequently working with visual artists and musicians—including sculptor David Hammons and composer Guy Yarden—she views collaboration as a key element in her creative process and community involvement as a strong component of her work. Working in Argentina over four years, she galvanized independent dancers to create their first coalition and was commissioned to choreograph a work in concert with musicians from the Tobas Indian Nation. Charting new territory with each work, she creates an innovative movement vocabulary, merging the formal ideas of abstraction with more emotionally-based concerns. Uchizono provokes audiences with an original voice, exposing beauty in the unexpected and the extraordinary in the ordinary.
"I have a deep awe and respect for the sheer courage it takes to be human. This fascination is woven throughout my work as I examine moments of transformation: when, through a change of perception, the awkward or ordinary reveals an unexpected beauty. Those moments of recognition lie at the heart of my work. Through my passion for experimentation within the movement medium, I create a new movement vocabulary with each new work, shaping conceptual ideas into a physical language, exploring and discovering while I carefully ‘listen’ as the dialogue with the dance itself is revealed."