David Greenspan2002

A classicist in experimental clothing, David Greenspan is a playwright who is also passionately involved in the theatre as an actor and director. From his early more autobiographical plays (one of which, Principia, took inspiration from the shifting modalities of Joyce’s Ulysses) to more recent works inspired by (and at times adapted from the work of) Hawthorne, Stein, Molnar, and Thorton Wilder, Greenspan’s theatre is a place where anything can happen. Deliciously complicated, incredibly funny, the work, whether tragic, tender, mysterious or cruel, betrays a profoundly empathic imagination. Both wildly conjured and deeply attentive to diverse literary and theatrical traditions­from vaudeville and Greek mythology to the Bible and boulevard comedy­Greenspan’s plays ask big questions about history, creation, sexual behavior, the complications of family and the very act of performing a play.
"I want people to have a good time at the theatre. I try to write plays that, both in form and content, amuse and challenge an audience. I love the various theatrical and dramatic forms of comedy and tragedy. I like to utilize many of these forms within a single play. My plays have pronounced comedic elements, but I also want them to bite. If there’s no bite, if one does not challenge the audience and oneself ­in a good way, there isn’t as much opportunity for pleasure. And I do think the theatre should offer pleasure."