Erik Ehn2001

Ehn's plays, written in intense, oracular language, investigate longing, grief, miracles, and the very nature of faith. Posing challenges to spectators of narrative realism, the work‹more than fifty plays – delivers relieving beauty. In addition to script-making and works of corporal mercy (contemplation and action), Ehn is committed to the rats – an informal alliance of theater makers from around the world who join together in intense lab work, collective interrogation, and hospitality – and to the Tenderloin Opera Company, a performance ensemble that breeds work and grows community. He is learning to write, he says, so that he may write as he will "until writing and will break and writing itself is left."
"Does writing count in the world (the way shoes and food do)? How does writing contribute to the way theatre counts in the world? I'm concerned with boundaries (my play/our play/the play), genre, style; with writing as performance and for performance; with fidelity to ensemble; fidelity to experiment. I'm concerned that theater be made as it would signify: esthetics in dialogue with ethics (Barba, Boal)."