Roni Horn1998

While the visual aspects of Roni Horn's work vary greatly, the conceptual underpinnings and experiences they seek to manifest strongly cohere. Via drawing, sculpture, photography and installation, the work explores self-identity through its relation to language, context and space in the world. In 1990, Horn began the on-going work, To Place, a series of books that function as a kind of encyclopedia. Based on more than two decades of voyages to Iceland, each volume alters the meaning of the previous ones as well as enlarging their context. At once a conceptual artist, expressionist and minimalist, Horn fluidly moves between the visual and the linguistic. Marrying lucid, spartan language and cool, elegant form, the Horn oeuvre consistently foregrounds engagement over conclusion.

"In all work I wish to develop experiences which engage the viewer actively. I have always thought that the viewer walks in and performs the work, although I don't think of it as particularly theatrical. The work is there to make the viewer more present."