Pamela Z1998

Working with voice, live electronic processing, found objects, and sampling technology, Pamela Z creates live solo performance pieces and makes scores for dance, film/video and radio. Whether she is using found texts, city sounds or collaging layers of sampled vocal material in an imaginary language, the work plays with repetition, out-of-phase rhythms and gradually changing textures. Most of her pieces are short, five to eight minute works or larger modular compositions consisting of short movements with segues. Particularly interested in timbre and texture, Pamela Z views her voice and rack of digital processors to be her chief instrument. A charismatic performer, during live events she favors sounds created or triggered in real time and often manipulates the sound with physical gestures via The BodySynthâ„¢ MIDI controller.

"I feel that my job as an artist is not so much to put forth a particular message, but to encourage a kind of curiosity about, and examination of, human nature and of life itself. I think experimental artists are like scientists: both tend to be more interested in the process of discovery than with arriving at a specific result. And both often do work that may appear to be limited in scope, but in the end often has far-reaching and profound effects on humanity as a whole."