Joanna Haigood1998

For the past seventeen years, Haigood has been making dances that use environments as a point of departure for movement and narrative. A 10 ton bridge crane, a 500 gallon water tank, a 110 foot clock tower, 7 working bee hives, as well as a series of abandoned factories and community gardens have all become occasions for her investigation. Generating site-specific movement vocabularies, she frequently utilizes sophisticated rigging systems which enable aerial flight and suspension. In addition to creating solo dances as well as pieces for ZACCHO, her company, Haigood collaborates with sculptors, composers and rigging masters.

"I make dances for places; I define place not only as it refers to location and physical structures but as an expression of accumulated experiences and social response; I investigate the evidence of history in architecture, natural systems and social behaviors. I am interested in how we affix meaning to place. What role does memory play? How do places influence the way we perceive information/ideas?"