Danny Hoch1998

Danny Hoch was a rapper, breakdancer, graffiti artist, drug dealer, street mime and magician by the time of his Bar Mitzvah. At the age of 19 he was a full-time faculty member at NYU bringing high-conflict, high-impact, volatile interactive improvisational theatre into detention centers, alternative high schools and jails. Neither tape recording nor interviewing "real people" for his solo work, writer Hoch transforms the vernacular of the streets -- the voices in his head -- into humane, edgy, three dimensional characters. An articulate and visceral performer, he volcanically deploys subtle, entertaining, incisive critique.

"I try to make powerful, challenging, entertaining and uncomfortable theater for the masses, using the multiculture and powerful oral languages of my community as a world lens on police brutality, class, race, power, powerlessness, violence, incarceration and cats."

"I'm comin' with the ill-type flow, from my linguistic
Theatrical ballistic, twisted, freshly-dipped shit
When you see me on stage, you think I'ma pull a heater,
But I pull Boricuas and Jews, inside the same theater
The Jamaican crew, Bronx Blacks, Italians too,
Florida, Chicago, Oklahoma, and even you
Tired of seein' my generation and my 'hood on the periphery,
I bring to center-stage-- what?! ...My whole community
My monological cord comes with mad extensions
Bringin' you the real in three full dimensions
I got my multi-lingual, multicultural, urban perspective
This Hip-Hop-Salsa-Reggae-Bar-Mitzvah-style, it's infective
And my invective-Dialectical, alphabetical, a spectacle, flippin' lingo
I make theater so tasty your grandmother be givin' up her bingo..."