Mel Chin1995

What is the impact of the dance making process on people who would not ordinarily find themselves in that experience? What are emergent movement qualities that arise from people gathered together by a common profession, situation or shared relationship? Can a metaphorical construct be developed that enables a person to be completely themselves and, simultaneously, experience the "biggerness," the larger metaphor of life in performance? I feel an artist's responsibility is to be a revolutionary; to create a life out of what speaks to the heart, what inspires, enlivens and provokes change."

"There is no Big Dream in the nightmare of contemporary existence; there is only a delusional, comfortable sleep. Yet awakenings do occur. In the abrupt terror of the moment, a job description appears: you must re-engineer desire. Begin with the construction of bridges in our largely compartmentalized world; push discourse beyond its limits, introduce meaning where it is contained. At the least, tightly wind the alarm clocks. For me, art is not a language but a catalytic structure; one that can provide new conditions for the rebuilding and healthy survival of independent thought and expression."