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Special Thanks

To the artists: Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska, Sharon Hayes, and Alex Mincek, sine qua non. Thank you to Julia Bryan-Wilson for her email interview with Sharon, and to Award panelist author and critic Kay Larson who contributed earlier questions. Thanks to musicologist Ryan Dohoney for his email interview with Alex, and to Award panelist, Eric Ting, Associate Artistic Director at Long Wharf Theatre, for for his audio interview with Kelly and Pavol. Appreciations to Award panelist, Wendy Perron, editor-in-chief, Dance Magazine, who suggested initial questions to Julia. Video/Production: Noah Orozco, Videographer, Ian Page, Director of Photography.

For ongoing counsel and support: Rona Sebastian, Steven D. Lavine, Lynn Rosenfeld, Nancee Enyart, Patricia Gonzalez, and Charles Windisch-Graetz.

Friends and colleagues of the artists and many others.


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